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About Prima Coffee Equipment

Cultivating the enjoyment of life by providing easy access to products, resources, and services.
—Our Mission Statement

Our Story

Founded in 2009 and born from a long line of family-owned, locally-operated businesses in Louisville, KY, Prima Coffee started with the idea that everyone should have easy access to the products and resources that help make coffee great. That goal remains unchanged to this day and drives everything we do, from curating a catalog of the finest gear from across the globe, to developing content that empowers you to find the right equipment and make better coffee. You can see our Heartland roots in everything we do but most importantly in the way that we take care of people, still offering friendly and knowledgeable customer service provided by real people right here in our Louisville office.

Commercial or home, brewed coffee or espresso, Prima Coffee continues to learn, adapt, and grow right alongside the coffee industry that we get to call home.

Our Core Values

Entrepreneurial Spirit

An investment in our work characterized by an inquisitive, self-starter attitude, that is never satisfied with where things are. It cultivates an inner drive and dedication that takes personal responsibility for the job at hand.

Work With Integrity

A faithful and honest work approach to all we do. An ethic that stewards at the time and resources at our disposal for the good of the company and others.

Care For People

Seeking the good of all people–coworkers, customers, and manufacturers–treating therewith dignity, respect, and empathy.

Drive For Excellence

An ongoing desire to do everything well, seek the best in any situation, and enable others to do the same.

Check out what makes us the right choice for your coffee and espresso equipment needs: The Prima Edge

Our People

  • Matt Averbeck

    Matt Averbeck

    General Manager

    "My coffee drink of choice is straight espresso or if I am in the mood to sip a little longer, I like a short americano at a 1 to 1 ratio of espresso to water. I especially enjoy Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees."

  • Copley Allen

    Copley Allen

    Customer Service Associate

    "I think my favorite thing about coffee (besides drinking it!) is the simple joy it brings to others."

  • Adriana Alvarez

    Adriana Alvarez

    Ancap Custom Manager

    "I enjoy drinking a good cold brew on a warm summer day."

  • Allie Dunn

    Allie Dunn

    Customer Service Lead

    "I like my coffee like I like my friendships, warm and exotic."

  • John Erler

    John Erler

    Service Lead

    "Just like a salad, the best cup of coffee is one that someone else makes for you."

  • Ryan Felbinger

    Ryan Felbinger

    Product Manager

    "I love complexity in my coffee and minimalism in my home brewing setup."

  • Daniella Flores

    Daniella Flores

    Ancap Custom Decorator

    "I like gas station coffee."

  • Gavin Ganholm

    Gavin Granholm

    Warehouse Associate

    "Coffee is a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your older self." - Terry Pratchett

  • Michael Harris

    Michael Harris

    Warehouse Manager

    "Sharing tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life's true delights." — General Iroh of the Fire Nation

  • Reagan Jones

    Reagan Jones

    Project Manager

    "I enjoy drinking iced vanilla lattes at a coffee shop while talking with a good friend."

  • Jordan Kavuma

    Jordan Kavuma

    Director of Marketing

    "When I'm not just having tea at home I like to brew with a Chemex."

  • Ragan LaTour

    Ragan LaTour-Kelley

    Content Creator

    "Enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and then amplify them with coffee."

  • Kaylen Lee

    Kaylen Lee

    Warehouse Team Lead

  • Mike Miller

    Mike Miller

    Pricing Analyst

    "Hoping to find some long forgotten words from a book sipping a good African coffee."

  • Stephen Morrow

    Stephen Morrow

    Content Creator

    "A cup of coffee is best enjoyed with a Chihuahua nearby."

  • Gregg Potter

    Gregg Potter

    Purchasing Coordinator

    "Specialty coffee allows me to enjoy agriculture from all over the world. Maillard is my friend."

  • Sarah Slayton

    Sarah Slayton

    Social Media and E-commerce Manager

    "Even on the coldest days you can find me with an iced coffee.”

  • Matt Stevenson

    Matt Stevenson

    Director of Sales and Customer Service

    "Enjoys room temperature coffee 1-2 hours after brewing thanks to his wild children."

  • Monce Vieyra

    Monce Vieyra

    Warehouse Associate

  • Tyler Webster

    Tyler Webster

    Ancap Sales Manager

    "Finding a new little cafe serving espresso in Ancap cups makes me smile."

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