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So you have decided to open a coffee shop

That’s great news! At this early stage, you may be overwhelmed with decisions, from areas within your expertise to those well outside it. Unfortunately, days are limited to 24 hours, so it is unrealistic to be expected to learn new skills—and to find the time to employ them—while managing the various threads of a business. What you need, then, is an advisory committee, one staffed by veterans of the coffee industry, such as we have assembled here at Prima.

Why Prima?

  • custom equipment curation

    Custom Equipment Curation

  • expert business consulting

    Expert Business Consulting

  • comprehensive product knowledge

    Strategic Bar Design

  • extensive resource archive

    Extensive Resource Archive

You can find a lot of statistics on the internet about how often and soon cafes fail after opening. They can be discouraging. Frequently in reports, owners cite lack of preparation as a crucial factor in business troubles. This can be encouraging because it is possible to overcome with the proper guidance. Here at Prima, we have assembled an expert team for just that task: to prepare business owners like you to confidently plan, open, and manage your new coffee shop or roastery—not, as is too often the case, to let it manage you.

Commercial Consultation

Work With Us

Tier 1

  • Custom Equipment Curation
  • Digital Site Review
  • 4x 1 hr Coaching Sessions
  • Sample Menu Development
  • Sample Bar Layout
  • 3% Equipment Discount

Tier 2

  • Custom Equipment Curation
  • Digitial Site Review
  • 6x 1 hr Coaching Sessions
  • Coffee Bar Layout - CAD Drawing
  • Menu Development/Pricing Recommendations
  • Digital Training
  • 5% Equipment Discount

Tier 3

  • Custom Equipment Curation
  • In-person Site Review
  • Coffee Bar Layout & Design
  • Menu Development/Pricing Recommendations
  • 12x 1 hr Coaching Sessions
  • In-person Training
  • 7% Equipment Discount